Android Phones Running Slow? 5 Simple Ways Help Free Up Your Phone Memory

Are you troubled by Android slow operating speed? We have the same feeling with you. The speed of android devices seems to be very fast at the
beginning, while it will become slower and slower over time. But have you ever wondered that you might be the main reason that your phone running slow?
Have you regularly check them up? Here we are suggesting most basic yet powerful steps that could speed up your phone.

1. Uninstall unnecessary apps.

We sometimes download some apps without any purpose or thinking. However, have you asked yourself that how often do you use them, frequently or seldom? Those unnecessary or rarely used apps would take up much space and slow down the phone. Long press and drag them to the Uninstall box at the top of the screen, you could free up the storage to some extent. You can try following steps if not finding the uninstall box in the screen.

  1. Open the settings app. (If it does not display in home screen, you could tap app drawer and scroll to find it).
  2.  Tap App to open up the app manager.
  3. Scroll to find any unwanted app and tap on it to open the app info screen.
  4. Tap the “Uninstall” button if it is there. ‘Uninstalling’ is generally available for downloaded apps. A few of preloaded apps can only be disabled rather than uninstalled. You can still conserve space by preventing apps from updating.

2. Clean your phone storage

We often save lots of songs, photos or other files without realizing after a few months. More songs mean less space. Files will also fill up the storage space of your phone. Quickly go through all your files and decide what you actually need and prefer. Delete those you do not need any more.

  1. Tap the settings app.
  2. Scroll to find Storage & USB.
  3. Tap it and you can see cached data
  4. Tap it and choose ok.

If you feel it is a little difficult to follow, then a booster app may be a good choice for you. It can clean redundant cache and junk files within one tap. APUS booster is the best choice. Try our APUS booster.

3. Delete unnecessary large files.

Lengthy videos, records or some large zip files do require a large amount of storage. A lengthy video may take over 200mb and each photo could be 3mb of space depending on your camera specs. It is time to tide these files to reclaim your storage. Remember to have a backup before deleting. Here is how to do it.

  1. Tap app drawer.
  2. Scroll to find File Manager and tap it.
  3. Different categories will display in the screen, like pictures, videos and audios
  4. Choose any one you want to delete and tap it.
  5. Long tap one picture or file and then click others
  6. Tap the trash icon at top right corner and you will delete them all.

4. Clear SD card

Many people would purchase and use a microSD card to expand the storage space available. They download apps or transfer photos and videos to SD cards. However, there will be much cache data in SD card with time. Formatting SD card may be a good choice to clear these data fully. Remember to transfer important files to the computer if you do not know how to have a backup in the phone before formatting.

  1. Navigate to ‘storage and USB’ in the settings menu.
  2. Tap ‘my SD card’.
  3. Choose ‘format my SD card’ and confirm it.

5. Perform a factory reset

If all previous tips you tried are not satisfactory, the best bet would be to go ahead and perform a factory reset. Before doing the factory data reset, it is necessary to know what the factory reset is. The factory reset can be viewed as a method where you wipe your phone clean and just leave preloaded software as the first time you turned your phone on. Be aware that this will delete everything in your phone, so back up important files first! If you decide to perform the factory data reset, you can do as following:

  1. Find“Backup and reset” button in the settings app and tap it.’
  2. Scroll to find ‘factory data set’
  3. Tap it and confirm.

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