APUS Browser update

APUS Browser rolls out update: Translate webpage, clear data cache

The APUS Browser focuses on ease and speed of access to webpages, as well as the tools that aid users in making the most of their mobile web experience. The new version of APUS Browser (V 1.4.4) ramps up some of most essential tools for users, including webpage translation, a more effective clear data cache service, and options to receive breaking news and trending videos. (more…)

Apus Browser Turbo

APUS Browser Turbo

APUS Browser Turbo is one of the best Android browsers on the market. It is a safe, easy-to-use, reliable, and fastest mobile browser, which delivers a smooth user experience to download, search and browse the web effortlessly and securely.

Key Features of APUS Browser Turbo:

• Data Savings: By using Turbo data savings technology, you can use APUS Browser Turbo to surf the web efficiently. Normally the preferred mode for speed and savings. (more…)