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Personalize You Android Device with APUS Launcher

A huge amount of people download launcher to make their device become unique and personalization. So today, in here I’ll tell you how to personalize your device with APUS launcher. APUS Launcher provides a large number of personalization options, for example, themes, wallpapers, transition effects, and so on. Basically, you can do whatever you want with the options and master your own style through your choices.

Android speed up tips

9 tips how to speed up your Android phone

During our recent times communicating with users, we have discovered that users often have some common questions regarding slow phones, overheating, insufficient storage and etc. Today, we will discuss this issue in details.

First off, let’s briefly look why Android phones become slower overtime.

• As time goes by, it is possible that we will have more and more apps installed on our device, which will also increase total RAM usage. When we try to open an app, it will require some amount of memory which is sometimes insufficient. This lack of resource will cause an app to freeze/hang.


Android Marshmellow Support Apus

Android Marshmallow is not a challenge for APUS

Since its release, Android OS is the biggest open smartphone system in the world. Currently, there are above 2 billion Android users worldwide and there is still a potential market of 3 billion in the next few years, which makes it the most universal smart terminals in the world. With Marshmallow 6.0 version, Android has made great improvements on app permission, App Links, power management, and User Interface design etc.