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Prefer old icon for Instagram? APUS gives you the option

Last Wednesday, millions of people opened their phones to find something different: Instagram, one of the most popular apps in the world, changed its distinct icon for something new and nearly entirely different. This news immediately generated an online trend of negative reaction to the change. With the “chubby” old Instagram icon gone, people were deeply disappointed. . Well, APUS gives them the option of having it back – problem solved!

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The old look vs the new look

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Instagram iconsRecently, we have seen two cases of extreme brand aesthetic adaptation: Uber and Instagram, two hugely popular mobile apps, have undergone profound design and layout changes. The modifications are supposed to represent the changes they both have faced in their business models and as service providers. According to branding experts, those changes can feel weird to users at first but that, sooner or later, they are accepted and naturally embraced.

On the very surface, brands consist of uniform visual elements, such as logos, typography and, for mobile apps, icons. These uniform elements are precisely what make the brand identifiable to their target audience. They are also supposed to represent the brand’s mission and “personality”. On the other hand, one of the things that make brands survive throughout the years is the ability to adapt and reinvent themselves. All markets change and along with them aesthetic patterns evolve. Even strong brands, which have been well known for many years, eventually find the need to reinvent themselves in order to remain outstanding to their market segments.

However, what happens if you don’t want to change your Instagram icon for example? The old “vintage polaroid camera” like icon was dear to many people and was actually regarded as a “cult” and “hipster” symbol, as the Polaroid camera itself is. Besides, not everyone is obligated to follow the latest trends in design and brand evolution. Is it not ok for some people to hold tight to their aesthetic preferences or vintage propensity? APUS understands too well why these changes are not always welcomed, especially for those frequent users who are emotionally attached to the app.

This is precisely why APUS (that had its own discrete icons and logo changes), provides its users a “jump into the past”, the possibility to choose which icon they want to have for their dear photo sharing and social media app. For a while now, with its long-press and setting options, APUS users can choose among some different designs for their icons. They can also choose to show high definition (HD) versions or less quality ones. It’s a choice, although we must say that the HD icons look much cooler! Some icons just have minor changes in between the options, like rounded edges for a smoother look or different color range. Other icons change completely, in order to fit the user preference.

Anyway, the point is, those who are already missing the old Instagram icon, when using APUS, have a chance to choose to go back. APUS Launcher aims at providing personalized options and customization to our users wherever possible. All they have to do is follow the simple instructions below:

1. Set APUS Launcher as default launcher
Change instagram icon by APUS

2. Long Press anywhere on your screen to open the options menu and select APUS Settings
Use APUS to change instagram icon

3. Select Appearance
Appearance in APUS settings

4. Enable HD Icons and then tap on the preview option
HD icons in APUS

5. Select either Original or HD version
Instagram icons: old and new

6. Enjoy beautiful HD icons
HD icon for Instagram

It’s hard to please everyone. Instagram couldn’t. But APUS is trying harder.

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