Android speed up tips

9 tips how to speed up your Android phone

During our recent times communicating with users, we have discovered that users often have some common questions regarding slow phones, overheating, insufficient storage and etc. Today, we will discuss this issue in details.

First off, let’s briefly look why Android phones become slower overtime.

• As time goes by, it is possible that we will have more and more apps installed on our device, which will also increase total RAM usage. When we try to open an app, it will require some amount of memory which is sometimes insufficient. This lack of resource will cause an app to freeze/hang.

• Android is an open-source system, this will cause many companies to develop software without paying much attention to design standard, hence creating bloat ware, causing excessive RAM usage, freezes phones.

The above are 2 important factors that might slow down our phones, now here is the question which users often ask.

• Having bigger RAM capacity or more processor’s cores does not guarantee faster phones. There are countless aspects that can contribute to better speed and performance. They include (1) Good balance between CPU-GPU-RAM-ROM, (2) Solid CPU and GPU processing, (3) RAM availability bigger than system’s minimum requirement, (4) Less fragments in ROM. These are contributing factors of a faster phone.

Finally, let me explain how APUS can quickly solve your slow and choppy phones.

• Install Booster+ through Tools in APUS Launcher

• Open Booster+ and follow the instructions inside (root permission required)

• Tap on Booster+, sit back and relax

Yes, it’s that easy! However, some of you might wonder how Booster+ works its magic. Take a look below.

• Booster+ can help you clean up background programs, reducing Java Virtual Machine’s (JVM) workload.

• If your device is running Android above 4.1, Booster+ can thoroughly terminate all unnecessary system services and prevent any automatic reinstallation (only when root permission is acquired).

• Compared to the old-fashioned method where you need at least 3-4 steps to force stop applications’ processes, Booster+ provides 1-tap boost feature which saves your precious time.

n short, why don’t you try out Booster+ and let me know if you can feel its magic. Don’t forget to give us 5-stars afterwards 🙂


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