How to easily find different games in APUS Launcher

Currently, it must have been known to everyone that games have accounted for a majority part of the mobiles apps. Statistics have proved that in India, 60 percent apps that users have in their mobile phones are games, which happens to be the same case for users from other part of the world. As an important access to the global internet, APUS Launcher can recommend and show you more than enough games for APUS users around the world. Today, I will teach you how to find games though APUS launcher.

1. APUS Know
Since December, APUS Launcher has begun to provide contextual services for every APUS user in the world, and it is the same case when it comes to games. APUS will analyze your user habit and recommend games that may like in APUS Know. For example, here APUS Know recommends Game of War – Fire Age for me and personally, I would really love to try it.


At the same time, APUS also has provided a series of online games and users can also find it in the APUS Know based on your interest. Even more, the more you play it, the more APUS Launcher will get you and the more precise the recommendation will be.


2. APUS Discovery
Meanwhile, in APUS Discovery, APUS will find out what users around you are playing and recommendation. There is a secret formula that APUS has developed and I am sure you can find the games that you will be interested in in APUS Discovery.


3. APUS Picks
APUS Picks and download whatever you like. At the same time, APUS has POPULAR and LATEST categories, and you can find the games in the top chart.


4. Online Games
Last but not least, there are a large number of online games provided by APUS and more are on the way. You can find the Online Games icon on your home-screen and APUS has categorize the apps into different groups.


Overall, APUS has provided a large number of games and we are sure you will enjoy them.

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