How to customize your Android phone with APUS Launcher

Hey, guys. Today, I will tell you how to customize your Android phone with APUS Launcher. APUS Launcher provides a large number of customization options, for example, themes, wallpapers, transition effects, and so on. Basically, you can do whatever you want with the options and master your own style through your choices.

1. Theme
Now APUS Launcher offers tons of gorgeous themes with different style and content. And more amazingly, more themes are on the way. For each week, APUS releases 10 new gorgeous themes. To check more themes, please visit http://store.apusapps.com/


2. Wallpaper
Similar to APUS themes, there have been thousands of APUS wallpapers that you can choose from. And more importantly, APUS has proudly released Explore in APUS Wallpaper. Whenever you find wallpaper that you like, you can share with more than 250 million APUS users globally. Hope you get a lot of likes in Explore.

wallpaper-home2 wallpaper-home

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3. Appearance
Besides themes and wallpapers, APUS Launcher can provide you more interesting customization options. In APUS Settings – Appearance, you can switch on Wallpaper Blur, Icons with uni-style and change Text Color. Try it out and see if you like it.


4. Transition Effect
Transition effect refers to the animation effect when you swipe left and right on the screen. For now, there are 6 different transition effects, i.e. Classic, Cube, Tumbling, Page, Crossfade, Rotation. Try it and find out which is your favorite.


5. Notification Toolbar
The Notification Toolbar will help you organize your launcher and manager your power options, including All Apps, Torch, Data, Wi-Fi, etc. it will make you phone even more convenient to use.


6. App Icon Management
Since APUS Launcher 2.0, users can remove icons on home-screen as they wish.
To remove an icon, first of all, please target and long press an app icon. Then drag it to “REMOVE” in the top right corner. Thus, it will be removed in your home-screen.
At the same time, of course you can have the icon back. Please go to All Apps and locate the app that you want to add. Long press it and then tap “Send to desktop”. Then you will find it in the last screen and you can put it anywhere you want. (Also know more about: How Smart Folders can help you to organize apps)

7. Gesture
Last but not least, you can customize your gestures in APUS Settings. For now, APUS Launcher provides customization option for Swipe Up, Swipe Down and Double tap.


APUS Launcher will keep providing the best user experience to you. If you have any suggestions and advices, please email us at help@apussupport.com.

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