APUS Discovery’s ambition to help you find nearby IoT networks

APUS Discovery is changing the way people search for apps, but APUS developers are hoping to see something much bigger come out of the nearby scanning feature. As smart technology touches more aspects of daily life, everything we do has the potential to become more efficient. According to the BBC’s article on Tech trends in 2016, this year will start to see the Internet of Things (IoT) become, well, a thing. The trend towards IoT connectivity is one reason why APUS developers are looking at the Discovery feature eventually as a way connect you to everything in your environment. (more…)

Apus Browser Turbo

APUS Browser Turbo

APUS Browser Turbo is one of the best Android browsers on the market. It is a safe, easy-to-use, reliable, and fastest mobile browser, which delivers a smooth user experience to download, search and browse the web effortlessly and securely.

Key Features of APUS Browser Turbo:

• Data Savings: By using Turbo data savings technology, you can use APUS Browser Turbo to surf the web efficiently. Normally the preferred mode for speed and savings. (more…)