5 top apps for learning ancient egypt

5 Top Android Apps for Learning Ancient Egypt

Have you ever thought to learn the ancient Egypt via apps in your android device? Many well-designed apps provide rich and professional contents about this fascinating ancient civilization. I suppose you can learn lot through this money-saving way compared to buying relative book and video courses. And it is convenient as you can learn anytime anywhere. These 5 top Android apps help you explore mysterious ancient Egypt.


best android themes

The Latest Best Android Themes

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Have you all enjoyed the most welcomed and downloaded themes of APUS Launcher in the past two months? As usual, the best themes of this month are at the corner. We hope they can help make your Android stand out among people. And do feel free to share what you think of our themes and check out APUS Theme Store. Thousands of top themes are there waiting for you to doctorate your phone.



APUS Booster+ 2.0: A Milestone with new AppLock

The milestone update of APUS Booster+ 2.0 has been released for over one month. And it has been well received by millions of APUS users. With its powerful phone boost and junk file cleaning engine, APUS Booster+ is one of the best Android booster and cleaner on Google Play. And in this update, despite the brand-new, clear UI design, to meet users’ demands, we add the new feature, AppLock, to in the product help users protect their privacy from spying eyes. (more…)


APUS Discovery User Story Series: Shafin Ahmad

Shafin Ahmad is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is 19 years old, and has been using APUS for 7 months. When he first opened APUS Discovery he was shocked to see it’s app radar scanning function. Before using APUS Discovery, Shafin would normally download new apps when he got recommendations from his friends or neighbors because they know what apps are interesting to him or useful in his local area. Shafin started using APUS Discovery because he found it could do exactly the same thing his friends and neighbors were doing for him. (more…)


APUS Discovery User Stories Series: Ismiley Imain

Ismiley Imain wrote to us from Hyperabad, India. He is 21 years old and studying civil engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. Ismiley’s ambition is to pass the Indian Civil Services Exam (CSE) in two or three years, so that he can work in government. The CSE is one of the hardest exams in the world with an acceptance rate of 0.1% – 0.3%, and covers a wide range of subjects, starting with current events. Ismiley first became a APUSer because APUS Headlines gives him all the resources he needs to see read all the most important stories of the day without using too much of his data. (more…)