How to easily find different games in APUS Launcher

Currently, it must have been known to everyone that games have accounted for a majority part of the mobiles apps. Statistics have proved that in India, 60 percent apps that users have in their mobile phones are games, which happens to be the same case for users from other part of the world. As an important access to the global internet, APUS Launcher can recommend and show you more than enough games for APUS users around the world. Today, I will teach you how to find games though APUS launcher. (more…)

How to choose phone

How to choose a suitable Mobile Phone

Welcome to the era of smartphone. In October, 2015, Google’s senior vice president of search, Amit Singhal said today Google now sees more than half of its 100 billion monthly searches occurring on mobile devices. Nearly officially, Singhal announced we have entered the mobile Internet era. However, in this era where there are so many mobile devices for us to choose from, suddenly we become so confused with our choices. (more…)

Themes and Wallpapers for Android

How to Install Themes and Wallpapers for Android

For the first time that I saw the Android appearance, instantly I thought that is what I call nice phone look, although as the time went on, I realized it was not so pleasant to my eyes anymore, in fact I was tired to see the same icons style and those default pictures on the background. I really would want to make up my phone. Well I think you can imagine what happened after I meet up with APUS Wallpapers and APUS Themes on the APUS User System. (more…)