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A Simple Way to Change the All Apps Slide Way

In the past few months, our users have given us a lot of valuable suggestions about APUS user system. In order to correspond all you guys’ demands and make APUS launcher more and more user friendly, one of the long-waited feature is coming —Swipe the all apps in horizontal way.

First of all, please make sure you have updated to the latest version, then follow the steps below and try it by yourself. (more…)

6 common ways to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection problems.

6 common ways to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection problems

With the rise of mobile phone device, a strong Internet connection is more required than ever with Wi-Fi we can achieve this. It provides an alternative way to access the internet from your device other than the data connection.  It is faster and more affordable, thus popular among people in the daily society. However, Wi-Fi network connection sometimes experience drop and singal loose, which makes many people frustrated. If your android device experienced Wi-Fi connection problems and want to avoid them in the future, maybe this article can help you to some extent. Here are the common solutions. (more…)


How to easily find different games in APUS Launcher

Currently, it must have been known to everyone that games have accounted for a majority part of the mobiles apps. Statistics have proved that in India, 60 percent apps that users have in their mobile phones are games, which happens to be the same case for users from other part of the world. As an important access to the global internet, APUS Launcher can recommend and show you more than enough games for APUS users around the world. Today, I will teach you how to find games though APUS launcher. (more…)