best themes of December

Best android themes of December: Top 5 picks to decorate your device.

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Hi, guys. Do you like themes we recommended for you in last few months? Here comes with the most welcomed and downloaded themes of December. As usual, we have selected and presented top 5 themes for you to decorate your smartphone and hope that these themes can brighten your mood and make your phone special among friends. Feel free to check out APUS Theme Store and share your thinking about these themes. (more…)


Fresh New Christmas Themes for Launcher

APUS wishes you a Merry Christmas. Most of you have probably prepared for Christmas with much anticipation: appealing Christmas ornaments, slow-burning candles, and gifts for your families and friends.

Here we once again prepared Christmas themes to decorate your smartphone, which is a small token of our appreciation towards users. We hope the joy of Christmas themes will be in your heart.



This Christmas, I want to say…

Christmas is coming soon. Here at APUS, we interviewed a few people who are away from their home this year and can’t celebrate this Christmas with their families. They express their wishes and care to their loved ones.

We all know that Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy time with people your love and send holiday wishes to each others wishing them to happy and healthy.


best theme of oct

Best Android Themes of October: Best 5 Themes to Decorate Your Android

You must have checked out the Best Android Themes of September, haven’t you? Aren’t they useful and convenient to make your android smartphone beautiful and stylish? And in this month, we checked the themesa all over again and have selected the best 5 themes of October.

As usual, feel free to check out APUS Theme Store and share how do you like our themes on Facebook. Thousands of gorgeous themes are there eagerly waiting to doctorate your phone.


best android themes

Best Android Themes of September: Top 5 Choices to Make Your Phone Look Awesome

One of the best things about Android is the ability to personalize and customize your smartphone as wish. And without doubt, the easiest way is to have one of the top themes applied. An awesome theme is so much more than just background picture, it should be a perfect combination of beautiful, cool background pictures, HD app icons, and sometimes even ringtones and notifications. Definitely, awesome themes make great difference. Below is an assembling of the most download and best picks APUS Launcher themes of September. Enjoy and have fun! (more…)