Android N: new features

Android N: Everything you need to know

Have you updated your Android phone to Android M? Admittedly, the majority of the users would have to say no. According to the latest statistics released by Google, Android Marshmallow only accounts for 2.3% in all versions. However, although Android 6.0 has not been well popularized, as the approaching of Google I/O 2016, the new Android update is not far away from us anymore. Let’s find out how Google will amaze us this time! Also read: Reasons to update to Android M? (more…)


4 tricks to increase your Internet speed in Android phone

In this era, access to Internet has become an irresistible need for nearly everyone in the world, from man to woman, from student to businessman. However, most users are still troubled by the frustrating Internet speed of Android phone and tablet. While 4G has already been a sophisticated technology, in majority of countries, the infrastructure construction is so not satisfactory that most users have no access to even 3G, let alone 4G. Under 2G, it is really frustrating when a website won’t load when you need it. Luckily, with right apps and methods, you can increase your Internet speed. (more…)