Android Phones Running Slow? 5 Simple Ways Help Free Up Your Phone Memory

Are you troubled by Android slow operating speed? We have the same feeling with you. The speed of android devices seems to be very fast at the
beginning, while it will become slower and slower over time. But have you ever wondered that you might be the main reason that your phone running slow?
Have you regularly check them up? Here we are suggesting most basic yet powerful steps that could speed up your phone.



What iPhone emojis look like on Android. Potential for Miscommunication?

Research shows that varying emojis may be to blame for miscommunication woes. I recently discovered that I’ve been sending “wildly” different emojis to my Android friends.

I thought I was texting, HAY LET’S GO OUT and dance:…when it was really more like HAY LET’S GO OUT: can I court you: (on Android) or even more terrifyingly, HAY LET’S GO OUT: I’m a preteen: (on Samsung). (more…)