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The Latest Best Android Themes

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Best Android Themes of September
Best Android Themes of October

Have you all enjoyed the most welcomed and downloaded themes of APUS Launcher in the past two months? As usual, the best themes of this month are at the corner. We hope they can help make your Android stand out among people. And do feel free to share what you think of our themes and check out APUS Theme Store. Thousands of top themes are there waiting for you to doctorate your phone.


best theme of oct

Best Android Themes of October: Best 5 Themes to Decorate Your Android

You must have checked out the Best Android Themes of September, haven’t you? Aren’t they useful and convenient to make your android smartphone beautiful and stylish? And in this month, we checked the themesa all over again and have selected the best 5 themes of October.

As usual, feel free to check out APUS Theme Store and share how do you like our themes on Facebook. Thousands of gorgeous themes are there eagerly waiting to doctorate your phone.



APUS Booster+ 2.0: A Milestone with new AppLock

The milestone update of APUS Booster+ 2.0 has been released for over one month. And it has been well received by millions of APUS users. With its powerful phone boost and junk file cleaning engine, APUS Booster+ is one of the best Android booster and cleaner on Google Play. And in this update, despite the brand-new, clear UI design, to meet users’ demands, we add the new feature, AppLock, to in the product help users protect their privacy from spying eyes. (more…)

best android themes

Best Android Themes of September: Top 5 Choices to Make Your Phone Look Awesome

One of the best things about Android is the ability to personalize and customize your smartphone as wish. And without doubt, the easiest way is to have one of the top themes applied. An awesome theme is so much more than just background picture, it should be a perfect combination of beautiful, cool background pictures, HD app icons, and sometimes even ringtones and notifications. Definitely, awesome themes make great difference. Below is an assembling of the most download and best picks APUS Launcher themes of September. Enjoy and have fun! (more…)