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Prefer old icon for Instagram? APUS gives you the option

Last Wednesday, millions of people opened their phones to find something different: Instagram, one of the most popular apps in the world, changed its distinct icon for something new and nearly entirely different. This news immediately generated an online trend of negative reaction to the change. With the “chubby” old Instagram icon gone, people were deeply disappointed. . Well, APUS gives them the option of having it back – problem solved! (more…)


APUS & ZOOOK partnered to promote women protection & empowerment

APUS launched a new contest along with French lifestyle brand ZOOOK for the cause of women protection and empowerment. APUS users were asked a question “How to protect & empower women?”, while users have the chance to win a ZOOOK Safety Baton. The Contest was launched on both brands’ Facebook pages whereas some InApp promotions are also implanted in APUS Launcher. (more…)