APUS Know provides contextual services for users

November, 2015, APUS Group released the new feature, APUS Know, in its flagship product APUS User System. According to APUS, it will provide contextual services for APUS Launcher based on big data analysis of users’ habits, location, etc. This will be the first time that APUS User System provides contextual services for users.

Tao Li, CEO and founder of APUS Group, said that within the past one year, APUS has provided common services for more than 500 million users around the world. However, from now on, APUS will further and personalize its services based on users’ needs. According to Li, the ultimate goal is to provide totally personal and different contents, services for each user.

Essentially, APUS Know provides personalized and customized contents and services through precise judgment and determination of user profile and contextual analysis. Li suggests that later, APUS Know will provide so much more than news, for example, weather, schedule, TV programs, music and so on. In the future, APUS will first determine user’s hobbies and habits, figure out what kind of “person” he or she is and then provide personalized services for the user.

For example, when you switch your phone on in the morning, APUS Know will introduce the best route from home to work. Isn’t that cool? Even better, it has been realized as long as you have APUS Launcher in your phone and APUS now can assist you based on time. For example, from 6 to 9 am, users can get map and traffic information from Google Map and Uber. Late from 11:30 to 13:30, users will receive life and entertainment services like Yelp, music, etc. And in the evening, E-books and games will be offered for pleasure.

Besides time, APUS Know will also push contextual services according to users’ location. For example, APUS User System can be automatically switch to Home and Office mode and in malls, APUS Know can even intelligently supply discount notices for you.

In addition, APUS will provide relative services according to your schedule. For example, if a user set an event at 15:00, APUS Know will push traffic information at 14:00 or 14:30.

All in all, APUS know will try to introduce the most necessary and invaluable information and services to users. And if you have any suggestions and advices, please visit us on Facebook. APUS is always at your service.

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