APUS Discovery User Story Series: Shafin Ahmad

Shafin Ahmad is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is 19 years old, and has been using APUS for 7 months. When he first opened APUS Discovery he was shocked to see it’s app radar scanning function. Before using APUS Discovery, Shafin would normally download new apps when he got recommendations from his friends or neighbors because they know what apps are interesting to him or useful in his local area. Shafin started using APUS Discovery because he found it could do exactly the same thing his friends and neighbors were doing for him.

Shafin now uses APUS Discovery about three or four times a day because when he is in different places, he sees the app results change a whole lot. When he’s at home, he finds apps used for gaming, such as Clash of Kings. When he was at school, he found an app called PicsArt used for photo editing, which helped him with his school projects. At school, he started to introduce APUS Discovery’s radar function to his buddies, who also found it cool. APUS Discovery helped Shafin find several local Bangladeshi apps, such as, a Bangladeshi ecommerce app. Shafin told us that when he grows up, he wants to become a developer that designs more apps for his local community, like He told us that he what he would most like to see come from APUS in the future would be a APUS account system so that he can see who is around him and can chat other APUSers around him using APUS Discovery. Here is his story:

I am Shafin Ahmad, a student of science at King’s College, in Dhaka-Bangladesh. My story with APUS is very interesting. I felt problem with my mobile. Because my mobile is very slow. It have only 512Mb ram. So I searched a lot for some ways to keep my phone fast. After a long time I found some solutions. I started to use a booster, a small and fast launcher etc, but it was not effective enough. Then I searched for Android launchers. I tried lots of launchers, but they are not effective either. After that I found Apus. Which is small, fast and effective. I also got a booster in that app. So after that I used my mobile so much more comfortably. I have used all the apps of Apus like booster+, notification, flash light, browser etc. Now I am using a mobile which has 1Gb ram and I am also using APUS Launcher on it. Still now APUS Launcher and its other apps is so much favourite to me. Most important, when I got the chance to be a member of Apus family as an internal beta tester I just got so much happiness. I feel proud to be a member of Apus family and I also want to be a member here forever. Go Apus, Go forward…

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