APUS Discovery User Stories Series: Ismiley Imain

Ismiley Imain wrote to us from Hyperabad, India. He is 21 years old and studying civil engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. Ismiley’s ambition is to pass the Indian Civil Services Exam (CSE) in two or three years, so that he can work in government. The CSE is one of the hardest exams in the world with an acceptance rate of 0.1% – 0.3%, and covers a wide range of subjects, starting with current events. Ismiley first became a APUSer because APUS Headlines gives him all the resources he needs to see read all the most important stories of the day without using too much of his data. After using APUS for a while, Ismiley noticed that APUS had a potent tool not just for keeping him updated on news stories, but also new apps. Ismiley told us that the Discovery feature is the most convenient way for him to find out what apps his friends and classmates are using, without even asking them. Here is his story:

There are many launchers available in Android market some of them are genuine and some of them causes problems for the device. Frankly speaking, I downloaded Apus app from an app which gave me recharge for downloading Apus. After installing it on my phone, I found some interesting things in Apus like Ram boosting, giving more time backup for my battery and smooth UI. It felt good using APUS, so I didn’t uninstall it and am still using. Day by day, I found many interesting things related to Apus. One-touch booster really amazing. One day, I found the APUS Discovery feature, and I clicked and opened. I was shocked to find there are hundreds of app suggestions, and I was really impressed by this feature. When we open the google play store, there are millions of apps will be shown to us, but its difficult to find which app is trending and most trust-worthy. In APUS Discovery, you will get the most relevant apps to you. It does that by showing nearby trending apps, which are mostly those downloaded by people nearby. For example, if you are a gamer you can found the most trendy games via APUS Discovery. If you feel bored, you can search top trending chatting apps to find a mate. APUS Discovery also tends to give you more apps which are user friendly. I downloaded AIRTEL APP, a gaming app from that I would not have been able to find if it were not for APUS Discovery. The APUS team works hard to satisfy their users, and I wish you good luck in the future. Hope this 2016 may increase your users.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,
Ismiley Imian

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