APUS Discovery’s ambition to help you find nearby IoT networks

APUS Discovery is changing the way people search for apps, but APUS developers are hoping to see something much bigger come out of the nearby scanning feature. As smart technology touches more aspects of daily life, everything we do has the potential to become more efficient. According to the BBC’s article on Tech trends in 2016, this year will start to see the Internet of Things (IoT) become, well, a thing. The trend towards IoT connectivity is one reason why APUS developers are looking at the Discovery feature eventually as a way connect you to everything in your environment.

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APUS Discovery is often used as an app search because it is a convenient way to learn about locally-relevant apps, such as ones that update you on transportation services or keep you updated on the local music scene. In the future, APUS Discovery wants to be able to link you directly local services and information without the need to first recommend an app for you to download. Right on your APUS Discovery scanner, you would see discounts for local area businesses, advertisements for events events, and even indoor navigation links. Skipping the stage where you have to actually download the app that puts you in touch with local information, would make contextual technology tools all the more user-friendly. Imagine deciding which restaurant you want to eat at based on the discounts in your current local area, and finding out through indoor navigation exactly where the restaurant is located within a mall all on APUS Discovery. As IoT instruments become more integrated into aspects of daily life such as infrastructure, APUS Discovery would be able to push alerts to you, perhaps warning you that highway onramp you are about to go on is icy. While these are a few examples of how IoT can be used to improve your interaction with your environment, the applications of IoT are literally limitless.

So how would all of this work? Nearby field communication technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy support connection to beacons, sensors, and other hardware that give mobile users contextual information. With 250 million users worldwide,APUS Launcher can be part of the solution to IoT developers struggling to find commonly used apps for their users to connect to their network. With iBeacon technology for example, users would embed an APUS released SDK into their IoT network, so that nearby mobile users would be alerted to the presence of the network. APUS Discovery would provide an opt-in method for users to connect to any nearby IoT networks, thus preventing users from getting spammed by local advertisers.

APUS is looking at IoT as a way to add tremendous user value once it becomes more widespread. Through APUS Discovery, augment reality supported by IoT networks would come to you, and you would not have to go looking for it. While commonplace IoT interaction may seem like a long way off for many users, we believe it is only a matter of time before we start using it to enhance our lifestyles.

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