APUS Browser update

APUS Browser rolls out update: Translate webpage, clear data cache

The APUS Browser focuses on ease and speed of access to webpages, as well as the tools that aid users in making the most of their mobile web experience. The new version of APUS Browser (V 1.4.4) ramps up some of most essential tools for users, including webpage translation, a more effective clear data cache service, and options to receive breaking news and trending videos.

APUS is present in more than 200 countries and regions and supports over twenty languages. Users rely a lot on the Webpage Translation tool to make the most of the worldwide web, so we’ve introduced the latest Google Translation Service, which can support 104 languages’ mutual translation.

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The Clear Data tool is one of the APUS Browser’s most popular features, which is why APUS has upgraded its efficiency algorithms and ease of access. Users can clear cached up history, cookies, form autofill data, and passwords and location from a quick access button located in the “hamburger” menu. If you are struggling with excessive data usage, then the upgraded Clear Data is going to save you a lot of traffic, as well as make your browsing times speedier.

APUS Browser: Data saving

With the growing importance of real time information, users are eager for faster access to breaking news and trending videos. The APUS Browser supports the options to have either or both of these, in addition to other updates, right on the application’s home screen. Open up the pink Newspaper Icon in the Quick Dial to access a whole menu of add-on options to your APUS Browser.

APUS Browser includes all the standard services you would like to see in a conventional mobile browser in a 2 MB package, but also brings some innovative tools that you might not expect or even have used before. These tools may change the way you see browsing, so locate them in the “hamburger” menu at the bottom center of the APUS Browser interface.

APUS Browser: Downloads

One browsing tool that is rapidly increasing in popularity, but still often overlooked, is the Ad Block, which will help you save data, speed up browsing time, and of course save you from being plagued by annoying ads. You can bring this tool up also in the “hamburger” menu, and we suggest you use it all the time. Similar to Ad Block, you can also turn on the No-Image Mode tool to save your data and speed up browsing.

The Save Page tool may be one of the best ways to save your data that you have not explored yet. It enables you to do offline reading at times when you want to save data, or when your signal is bad. The Save Page tool can be found in the 3-dot menu at right part of the URL bar, while your log of saved pages can be found in “Collection/History” brought up from the “hamburger” menu.

One last outstanding tool located in the APUS Browser which may have escaped your attention is Night Mode, a feature that changes the screen color. The shade of light Night Mode not only protects your eyes, but also lets you get a better sleep by mimicking the natural shade of light our minds are disposed to seeing before drifting off to sleep. Unfortunately, our knowledge of how technology effects us has not caught up with the speed of innovation in technology, but Night Mode in APUS Browser is one way where we can take better care of ourselves while still enjoying the benefits of the worldwide web.

APUS Browser: Night mode

APUS Browser is also on the verge of optimizing the download manager in Version 1.4.5. The optimized download center will allow you to immediately find any file you’ve downloaded using the APUS Browser, and also rename, choose saving location of, and pause, and resume your downloads. Version 1.4.5 will also fix the bug that causes your autofill data and passwords to be forgotten in Incognito Mode.

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