APUS Booster+ 2.0: A Milestone with new AppLock

The milestone update of APUS Booster+ 2.0 has been released for over one month. And it has been well received by millions of APUS users. With its powerful phone boost and junk file cleaning engine, APUS Booster+ is one of the best Android booster and cleaner on Google Play. And in this update, despite the brand-new, clear UI design, to meet users’ demands, we add the new feature, AppLock, to in the product help users protect their privacy from spying eyes.

Let’s check what they say about it.


Tahmid Shahriar:

Love it. Best booster I’ve ever seen & now applock feature. Great apus… 🙂

James Toefer:

Wow, very effective! I must say, this is by far the best boosting app I’ve used thus far. Phone is noticeably fater and smoother. Good job, guys!

Nik Mehta:

Fall in love with this… Awesome phone cooler & battery saver

That****er FromTheMidwest:

Seriously one of the best if not the best cleaner booster apps I’ve used. 5 stars for sure.

Nihal Singh Shekhawat:

Best app. Effectively clears all junk files boosts the ram and make my phone faster like new. I loved this app.


Download APUS Booster+ to boost and clean your Android phone and protect your privacy now

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Today, let me show you how to protect your privacy with AppLock.

First of all, please update your APUS Booster+ to the latest version, which has optimized the boost and cleaning engine and also provided the new feature – AppLock.


Then, click Menu button on the top left corner and you will find AppLock.


There will be instructions for you to follow and set a Pattern or PIN password.


After confirmation, please enter an email address in case you forget your password. Please make sure you have entered a valid email.


Voila! You have entered AppLock. Here, you can find your apps and choose which ones you want to lock. By clicking the button on the right of the app icon and name, you can lock and unlock the relative apps.


Let’s see what will happen if I lock my Facebook. See, it is locked. Now your privacy is totally safe with you.


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