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Android Tips: What is APK file and how to install?

If you are an Android user, you must have heard of APK file once, haven’t you? But have you actually install an app through APK file by yourself? Once you understand what it is and how to do it, you will find Android experience further amazing. Read on to dig deeper into Android.

What is an APK file?
APK, short for Android Package, is the installer of Android apps. Essentially, an APK file is a zip package and through Android SDK, it becomes an installer that Android OS supports. To put it more easily, it is like an exe file in Windows that users can use to install a software.

Why would I want to install an APK?
APK files has given Android OS access to more freedom. First of all, it is the case that for some reasons, not all app developers have published their apps on Google Play. Therefore, some app developers are more than happy to release APK files as beta version for users so they can experience the latest features and help them locate and fix bugs. Meanwhile, because of some restrictions, some app developers will give some exciting features to only users who have installed through APK files.

Download and try to install an apk to your phone now:
APUS Launcher
APUS Booster+
APUS Browser
APUS Message Center
APUS Flashlight

However, at the same time, we feel obligated to remind users that even you want to install an APK file, please try to download from official channels as the third-party channels are not always trustworthy.

How to install an APK file?
1. Please find a secure channel to download an APK file. If you have downloaded on computer, then please copy it to your smartphone.

2. If it is the first time that install an APK, please go to System Settings – Security – Device administration, and check Unknown sources. Tap “OK” in the following pop-up window.
What is APK

Install APK file

3. Find the APK you have downloaded. If you have forgotten, please find Download in All Apps and you might find it there.

4. Tap INSTALL to proceed.

Install Android APK files

FAQ about APK installation
Below are the problems that you are possible to meet, please find the relative solutions.

  1. Install blockedAPK installation blocked

Reason: By default, Android system is set to block installation of apps from non-PlayStore source, including apk files directly downloaded from other websites.
Solution: Please go to System Settings – Security – Device administration, and check Unknown sources. Tap “OK” in the following pop-up window and then you are able to install successfully. And we promise our apk file is secure and trusted.

2. Application not installed

Install APK on Android

Reason: It might be possible that the APUS products you have installed in your phone or the apk file you have downloaded is not official.
Solution: Please uninstall the current version and download the app from or Google Play.

3. Parse error

Parse error
Reason: The APK file might have been damaged because of poor internet connection.
Solution: Please make sure your internet connection works fine, and download again.

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