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4 Android tricks you must know

For long, Android OS has been criticized for its operational complexity, especially by users whose Android phone is below 4.0. It is acknowledged that Google has been trying their best to optimize Android OS and make it more user friendly, and to some extent, they have achieved the goal in their latest Android 6.0. Unfortunately, it is a pity that not many users have access to the latest Android OS. According to the latest statistics provided by Google, only 43.1% users have updated to Android Lollipop and Marshmallow and 52.6% are still stuck at Android 4.X. There are a series of causes that have contributed to this phenomenon, however, if you know Android well enough, you can still make your phone more useful with some tricks. Today, APUP will tell you how to make it.
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  1. Set contact info in lock screenSet contact info in lock screenIn case people take the wrong phone, or you lost your phone and people do not know how to contact you, Android has provided a useful feature for you to convey some information to people in lock screen.
    Lock screenIn System Settings – Security, you may find “Lock screen message” or “Owner information”, and you can type down any information you want to tell people something, for example, your name, phone number, address, etc.
  2. Night Mode
    Technically speaking, Android has never offered such feature as Night Mode and people are ceaselessly complaining about it considering that many users have formed a habit of playing with their mobile phones before sleep in the dark. However, in practice, besides turning brightness down, we can invert colors to protect our eyesight.
    Night ModeIn System Settings – Accessibility, we can find “Color inversion” and then, voila!
  3. Screenshot
    Taking screenshots is a considerably convenient way to present and demonstrate to other. However, it is a case that people are still confused about how to make it. Different producers, different ROMs might make it different ways to take screen, but the most common way is still Volume down + Power button.
  4. Battery infoBattery info
    In this day and age, you must be very interested in the battery status, don’t you? The good news is, there is a really simple way to check it. You can just go to dial pad and type “##4636##” and then you can see “Battery info”. It can tell you the battery level, battery health, voltage, temperature, technology and so on.
    Battery information

Above are the 4 tricks that you can make the most of your Android phone. And with APUS, your phone will become even more useful as it can boost your phone and make your phone faster. At the same time, APUS provides a large number of themes for you to make your phone stylish. Last but not least, the contextual service that APUS provides can make you phone unprecedentedly smart.

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