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It was May 18 to 20, and the opening ceremony of Google I/O 2016 was held in San Francisco. This year’s Google IO was your ticket to Android N, Google Assistant, Daydream VR and more. There are more than 60000 developers invited and APUS is one of them. Today, let our developer show you what is happening with the latest Android N (or Android 7.0 as most call).

Dave Burke, engineering director of Google, officially introduced the latest Android N, which has been optimized to be more user-friendly, enhanced in performance, and secure. It now provides multi-window support, direct reply, better data management, and encryption for certain files. As an important cooperative partner with Google, APUS will make APUS Users System compatible with Android N to provide better user experience of mobile Internet to users around the world. Let’s return to our story today and see what is happening with Android 7.0.

1. More user-friendly

1.1 Multi-window Support
Android N: Multi-window

Do you want to multi-task? Reading while doing some searches? Watching video while checking data usage? Well, these all can be easily done now with Android’s latest multi-window support. Although it supports both horizontal and vertical mode, there are limits for the time being. First of all, application types. Only tools (e.g. timer, data management) and apps with contents (e.g. video, e-books) are compatible. And only two apps can be displayed at the same time now.

Then how to activate multi-window mode? Easy, according to APUS developer, there are two ways to achieve that. First is to long-press and drag the app to the top in Recent Apps while the other way is to long-press the Overview button in navigation bar. At the same time, the two apps are split by a slider with a white line in the middle and users can resize the windows by dragging the slider. Last but not least, multi-window support enables support for dragging and dropping between apps. Users can drag and drop a video from file manager to media player, for example.

1.2 Notification Bar Optimization

Android N: Notification Bar

Since Android 4.1, Google has enabled notification preview. However, only the notification on the top is unfolded by default. Although users can unfold the rest by cleaning the notifications above or double-finger swiping, these two methods are not well known within user group.

Luckily, this problem has gotten Google’s attention. In the picture above, you can find there is an arrow in the Gmail notification and it indicate that the notification can be unfolded. User can tap the arrow to fold and unfold.

Another noticeable change is the UI improvement in notification bar. Everything is clearer and more organized. The notification source, time, title, and description are on the left while app icon on the right. Thus, users can tell the importance through color and transparency.

Even better, Android N now can group the notifications by app and users can unfold all of them of just a specific one. At the same time, the direct reply allows users to reply messages easily in notification bar.

APUS Message Center provides one-stop message management. For those who has not gotten Android N update, please download and experience.

1.3 Language and Locale

As is known, it is the case that there might be several official languages in some countries and therefore the language setting is important. Yet it has caused some problems for users. Before Android N, the language setting is too simplistic. For example, when the default system language of a Swiss user is set as French (Switzerland), if an app does not have language pack in French (Switzerland), then English (United States) will be displayed. The logic is:
a) French (Switzerland) – failed
b) French – failed
c) English (United States) – successful

However, in Android N, the logic is optimized. When there is no language pack in French (Switzerland), the priority of that in French (France) is higher than English (United States). The logic is:
a) French (Switzerland) – failed
b) French – failed
c) Search for the most similar – French (France)
d) French (France) – successful

APUS series products has had in-depth localization and based on the language optimization in Android N, it can provide better user experience for bilingual users.

2. Performance Optimization

2.1 Data Saver

Android N: Data Saver

In Android N, Google has provided users with Data Saver to prevent vicious apps consuming data in the background. However, by default this featured is disabled and users need to enable it in settings. After enabling, except for Google Mobile Service, any app cannot consume more data in background than on front-end.

APUS developer reminds you that through APUS Boost in APUS Users System, users can also reduce data-consumption by cleaning background apps.

With in-depth boost, APUS Booster+ helps you save even more data.

2.2 Optimized Doze

Android N: Optimized Doz

Android firstly introduced Doze in Android M (or Android 6.0) as a battery saver mechanism. It can reduce battery consumption when your phone is sitting still with screen off. However in reality, this situation nearly never happens. Therefore, Android N push it forwards and as long as screen is off, Doze works. Hopefully, this can save even more battery power.

APUS pays great attention to battery consumption and tries to make products small, fast, light. APUS Booster+ can effectively and efficiently clean background apps to save data as well as battery power.

3. Security

Compared with the Full Disk Encryption technique in previous Android OS, Direct Boot technique in Android N can take advantage of file based encryption to enable fine grained encryption policies for both system and app data.

OK, here are what is going on in Google I/O. Every time a new Android version released, users are welcome to submit the name you like to Google. What do you think “N” should stand for this time? Neyyappam? Nut roll? Nuts & Nachos? Submit your favorite name to Google now at!

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