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7 ways to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal easily

In daily society, Wi-Fi has become an escape and one of the important parts in most modern people’s life. However, it is sad that a large number of users have once and still been troubled by the weak signal, slow Internet speed and Wi-Fi dead zone. Today, we will teach you how to strengthen your Wi-Fi.

Of course, the most important factor is still the hardware. Generally speaking, the longer you are from the router, the weaker the signal will be. However, there are still several tips that can help you to optimize your signal.

1. Change position for your router

Yeah, it is that simple. It is obvious that the Wi-Fi signal will decay through walls and other obstacles and therefore, it is very important that put the router in another position. You can keep trying different positions to optimize the signal. At the same time, the position can affect the coverage as well. Place the router in an open area will help optimize the signal quality greatly.

2. Choose the right apps

Yes, the apps that you are using can affect your browsing experience. For example,APUS Browser provides a feature called speed mode and no image mode. When the signal is weak and Internet is slow, it can load the text rather than image first and it will make sure your browsing experience.

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3. Update your firmware
Have some faith to your router manufacturer! To maintain their reputation, most router manufacturer will update the firmware from time to time. In most occasions, to upgrade your firmware can help solve a lot of problems for you. Even if sometimes that the priority of the firmware is not signal stability, the security will still be strengthened and better features can improve your browsing experience.

4. Frequency
In nowadays, the manufacturers has always been trying to optimize the router technology and frequency might be one of the most improvement. In this day, most users are still using 2.4G but for some more up-to-date routers which support 5G, they can have better signal quality and less interference. To switch to 5G, you need to make sure your router support it and then go to router settings and make it.

5. Change the channel
It is well known that most modern routers provide multi-channels. In your block, if too many routers are using the same channel, obviously it will contribute to the congestions and Wi-Fi speed will be effected. Therefore, switch to another channel that most people doesn’t use might be a wise decision.

6. Speed control
In your router settings, most routers in these days provide a function called speed control. Thus, it will avoid the case that a device will take too much resource and others may have really terrible browsing experiences.

7. Restart your router occasionally
This is one of the easiest way to solve a lot of problems. In most cases, as long as your router still works, to restart it can solve the Internet problem.

However, the life span of a router is normally 5 years and when the time is right, purchase a new one might be the best choice.


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