5 tips to avoid force close problem in Android

As an Android user, you must have once encountered force close problem, haven’t you? Force close, short as FC, is a common and disturbing problem for Android users around the world, especially those phone with less RAM or memory space. For example, when you are enjoying playing a game, and suddenly it is closed without notice, it cannot be more annoying, right?

There are many factors can contribute to the force close problem, but luckily, most of them can be dealt.

Inadequate memory (RAM)
As is known, in Android, it is annoying that many apps can auto start and then occupy a large amount of memory space. Not only can it lead to the insufficient memory (RAM) space, it can render many running apps force closed.

This is one of the most common causes, however, easy to deal with. In APUS Launcher, there is a feature called APUS Boost, it will intelligently detect and analyze the apps and processes that are running in the background, and then clean the ones that are not necessary. Therefore, launch APUS Boost from time to time will make your phone faster and run in better condition. At the same time, users will avoid the force close problem.

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Insufficient cache
Due to the operation mechanism of Android, most mobile phones, especially those with lower Android version (below 5.0) will become slower after using for a while. And cache is the one of the factors that contribute to this phenomenon.


Users can go to System Settings – Apps to check which apps they have installed in the device and app details including how much cache it has occupied and choose if to clear the cache.

Antivirus apps
For those who has installed antivirus apps in the phone, the force close problem might be even worse. This is because that some apps may contain malicious code within and when the antivirus apps detect malicious code, it will close the app to make sure security.

In this situation, it is recommended not to install too many antivirus apps in your phone and if possible, please try to download apps from safer sources and app market like Google Play.

In nowadays, it is acknowledged that there are a large number of apps with poor quality and maintenance and because of this, when users update their Android system, there will be many apps don not work anymore. This might be the problem that is most difficult to deal with. Users can try to update the apps to see if they work. However, if there is no update for the apps, there might be nothing that users can do.

Network problem
It is the case that under a more stable network condition, the force close problem will not occur frequently. And Google has solved the problem in the higher Android versions. But still, there are a large number of users are suffering from the network problem as they may have no access to the latest Android version. However, users can also find a place where network can be better in order to avoid the force close problem.

All in all, it is suggested that users have a better using habit to maintain their phone and therefore the phone can work in a better condition and avoid a series of unnecessary problem.

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