4 tricks to increase your Internet speed in Android phone

In this era, access to Internet has become an irresistible need for nearly everyone in the world, from man to woman, from student to businessman. However, most users are still troubled by the frustrating Internet speed of Android phone and tablet. While 4G has already been a sophisticated technology, in majority of countries, the infrastructure construction is so not satisfactory that most users have no access to even 3G, let alone 4G. Under 2G, it is really frustrating when a website won’t load when you need it. Luckily, with right apps and methods, you can increase your Internet speed.

How to increase Internet speed on Android phone?

1. Choose a fast browser
As is known, mobile web browser is one the most direct access to Internet. Therefore, choosing a fast browser is very important for Android users. APUS Browser provides a series of ways and makes use of the Internet to improve the browsing experience for users around the world.

First of all, the Ad Block will block the irritating ads in most websites. Not only can it speed up the website loading speed, it can save data for users as well.

Secondly, No Image mode. As is known, most data are cost by pictures in website and the No Image mode will save a large amount of data for users.

Third, Speed Mode. This is an interesting feature of APUS Browser which allows browser to load text rather than image first. It will make sure users can get the content they need in urgent situation.


2. Switch to 3G or 4G network
In those countries that have already provided 3G and 4G network services, using 3G and 4G will certainly boost the Internet speed of your Android devices provided that the signal is strong enough. You can simply do this in Setting – Wireless & networks – More – Cellular networks and changed the setting of Preferred network type. After that, you will be able to enjoy an enhanced Internet speed which is times better than 2G. By the way, in most countries, you need to buy the data package of 3G or 4G to use it.

3. Closing unnecessary apps
One severe problem of Android OS is that apps can always auto launch by itself in background and there hasn’t been many apps that can solve this problem. APUS Launcher provides a featured function called APUS Boost. In one boost, it can intelligently close the unnecessary background apps and speed up your phone. With faster phone comes the better browsing experience and faster Internet speed.


Even further, in APUS Tools, there is a tool called Ever Boost. It can help users to analyze and disable the pre-installed apps and thus boost device permanently. The only thing you need to do is to follow the instructions and of course, the disable apps can be enabled after that. So please rest assured. For further details, please check http://blog.apusapps.com/how-tos/how-to-disable-pre-installed-apps-with-ever-boost.html.

booster-plus. Clear cache of your Android phone or tablet
When cache memory is full, it can slow you’re the Android device and of course, the Internet speed will be slower than usual. Thus, cleaning cache memory from time to time will make the browsing experience a lot better.

This is all about how to increase the Internet speed on Android devices and hope this article can help you.

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