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Personalize You Android Device with APUS Launcher

A huge amount of people download launcher to make their device become unique and personalization. So today, in here I’ll tell you how to personalize your device with APUS launcher. APUS Launcher provides a large number of personalization options, for example, themes, wallpapers, transition effects, and so on. Basically, you can do whatever you want with the options and master your own style through your choices.

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A Simple Way to Change the All Apps Slide Way

In the past few months, our users have given us a lot of valuable suggestions about APUS user system. In order to correspond all you guys’ demands and make APUS launcher more and more user friendly, one of the long-waited feature is coming —Swipe the all apps in horizontal way.

First of all, please make sure you have updated to the latest version, then follow the steps below and try it by yourself. (more…)


Customize your Android phone with the best 5 themes

Here are the best 5 themes of February with the most downloads. Feel free to check them. In fact, we selected 5 the most popular themes every month, which may be helpful to personalize and customize your device. You do not need to consume much time on searching beautiful ones in millions of themes online. If you are interested in, you can also check themes in our previous blogs: best themes of January and best themes of December. All themes here are totally free and available in APUS Theme Store and Google Play. If you enjoy themes we selected for you, do not forget to share what you think on Facebook and invite your friends to take these pretty themes.


5 top apps for learning ancient egypt

5 Top Android Apps for Learning Ancient Egypt

Have you ever thought to learn the ancient Egypt via apps in your android device? Many well-designed apps provide rich and professional contents about this fascinating ancient civilization. I suppose you can learn lot through this money-saving way compared to buying relative book and video courses. And it is convenient as you can learn anytime anywhere. These 5 top Android apps help you explore mysterious ancient Egypt.